The Just Druid journey

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Chris Ready, co-founder of Just Druid, has worked in competitive businesses for years and has had much experience in working for high-profit businesses. The ‘must-make-money’ motivation was stressful, and working in demanding businesses meant that Chris’ creative ideas were either “stolen or ignored”.

Chris found himself with a lot of ideas, but knew he didn’t want to continue working for profit-driven individuals. He found that the people he was working for shunned his innovation, and were only interested in bettering themselves and not the company’s employees.

Chris wanted to create a project that was different to those he had previously been involved with. He was certain that this new project would focus on raising money for good causes, and ensuring people could trust the company in knowing that 100% of their money would go straight to the cause and wouldn’t get lost in advertising or administration costs etc.

Originally, Chris wanted to write a play about his uncle that was killed in World War 2, however working alongside former colleague Gareth Loudon opened a discussion of “focusing on a concept” and that’s where the idea of making a film came into play.

Additionally, both Chris and Gareth wanted to establish an alternative way of bringing ideas to the surface, rather than in an environment where the ideas of a pushy boss must be implemented. They created the ‘Just Druid way’ which prides itself on challenging good ideas and ensuring that only the best ideas are followed. This type of thinking is reflected in our company logo, where we look to combine two ideas together to create synergy that either idea on its own could never replicate.

The concept behind the name ‘Just Druid’ is a combination of both western and eastern cultures. ‘Just’ emphasises the western way of doing things, for example “just do it” or “just get on with it”. ‘Druid’s’ were old Celtic wise men and they reflect the eastern way of doing things; reflecting on and considering issues. We believe Just Druid works to combine both of these mindsets, as not only are we constantly motivated and determined, we take time to consider what we are trying to accomplish and how we are going to do it.

When on holiday in Paris, Chris came across a group of children on a school trip. He was fascinated at how they remained fixated on their mobile phones during the trip rather than paying attention to the sights which they had come to see. It became apparent that for Just Druid to work in a digital world the films had to be accessible online, and there should be a focus on social media.

Chris knew he would be able to find talent in young film-makers. Chris’ son Daniel Ready is a drama student in London, which opened doors to creative talent in the London area. Daniel found students that were willing to help create Just Druid’s first film ‘Lies We Own’ which is currently being made. Chris also looked to the University of South Wales’ film department for help in creating the film, and is looking towards working with them for films in the future.

We are currently working alongside the charity ‘ResponsABLE Assistance’ established by Trevor Palmer, that have “linked up with organisations to get vital equipment out to disaster areas in various parts of the world to assist disabled people”.

Although Just Druid is a Limited company, it does not have any shareholders. Unlike many other businesses, we are a social enterprise and are committed to giving all our profits to associated good causes. We pride ourselves in doing good for other people in a less fortunate position than ourselves, and we hope this message resonates in our films.