Trevor and ResponsABLE assistance

Here at Just Druid, we pride ourselves in giving back to the community and doing something good – we are a not-for-profit organisation. The main principle behind our films is to raise money and awareness for small charities and those dearest to our hearts. When making our first film ‘Lies We Own’, we worked closely with ‘ResponsABLE assistance’; a brilliant not- for-profit organisation run by volunteers that supplies vital equipment out to disaster areas in various parts of the world to assist disabled people. For the last three years, RA have been working with ‘Disabled Peoples Organisations’ in Kenya to improve independence and lifestyles of disadvantaged disabled people, and linking schools attended by disabled children in Wales and Kenya.  

Just Druid has been working closely with the organisations advocate and founder Trevor Palmer, who with years of experience, has helped build the foundation for our enterprise and has supplied us with many inspirational ideas. Trevor, being a full-time wheelchair user himself, is passionate about disabled rights, and after success in the bag designing and manufacturing industry decided to turn to supplying specialist equipment to assist disabled people who need it.

‘In addition to being a committed humanitarian, Trevor has worked with a number of disability organisations to promote the rights, inclusion and equality of disabled people’. Trevor has not allowed his disability to stop him from excelling in challenging ventures – and during his career has ‘completed nine voluntary assignments for the British Executive Service Overseas’. This gave Trevor connections in less economically developed countries, which Trevor now helps to supply equipment for.

Trevor and his organisation have also worked closely with the University of South Wales, and particularly the photo-journalism department. ResponsABLE assistance has collaborated with two students on the course who travelled to Kenya document ResponsABLE assistance’s activities in Kibwezi and Embu, and to help build awareness of the hardships of disability in Africa and in Wales. This inspired the connection that Just Druid now have with the university – and we are hoping to work alongside USW film students on our next film.

Not only has Trevor helped to supply disabled equipment across the world, he has an interest in the Arts. He has established the Azure Gallery and Studio in London, and more recently ran the Disability Advisory Group at the Wales Millennium Centre during its construction and fitting out. Currently Trevor is based in Newport, Wales and is a director for Disability Wales. We hope that the film we make will resonate with Trevor’s work, and will make people aware of the impact that the charity’s work has had on desperate communities.

Here at Just Druid we are privileged to work alongside Trevor and his charity, as we believe selfless acts help to build a stronger and healthier community. Without Trevor’s help and guidance our project would not be possible, and we thank Trevor for his contribution to our start-up enterprise. We hope to work with Trevor in future projects.

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