Writer/Director of our first film



Daniel Ready

It is fair to say that Daniel Ready was never a fan of the educational system growing up. Daniel found it more fun to entertain his classmates rather than focus academically, and was soon labelled a ‘Dennis The Menace’ style character by his teachers.

 It became clear that Daniel’s future would lie in the acting industry, and he has continued progressing in this field ever since. In 2014 Daniel was given a place at the prestigious Academy of Live and Recording Arts (ALRA) in London, and is currently in his third year. He is enjoying his time there, and has discovered a talent in film-making and identifying film ideas..

Daniel began his work for Just Druid 18 months ago, where he began collating ideas for JD’s identity and considering how entertainment and awareness could be merged to create one final product.

It is fair to say that Just Druid’s journey has been an experimental process. Initially short comedy sketches were considered; however, it was impossible “to find a way of correlating those ideas to match up with the charities and the work they do”. Daniel recognised YouTube as a method of communicating and reaching out to a large audience, however soon found that this approach would not suit JD as videos could not compete digitally.

Just Druid began to take a turn for the better when we stepped back and started to analyse the bigger picture. It became apparent what Just Druid is about: a non-profit organisation eager to make an emotional connection with viewers in the hope that they donate to the presented charities. Unlike adverts, Just Druid didn’t want to inject viewers with over-whelming information but wanted to impact them so they felt encouraged to do something about the struggles that many people endure daily.

Attempting to connect with audiences in this way posed as a massive risk for Just Druid, as we were trying to accomplish something completely new and practically unheard of. Daniel wanted to merge both fantasy and reality together in our films; where fictional characters existed in a real world and where audience’s support helped these characters. This hypothetical situation would hopefully become a reality, and would touch people in such a way that they too would donate.

Daniel was handed the task of producing our first film ‘Lies We Own’. Being Just Druid’s first film meant the brainstorming process was long and new ideas were coming about constantly. The final product was “a short film about how parents’ lies to their children mould who they are, the biggest lie being that their child is good based on how much they listen to their parents, do their homework and go to bed on time, rather than how much they put into helping others and not having excuses for doing so”.

Although the ideas for ‘Lies We Own’ are good, Daniel admits more attention needed to be focused on presentation and filming. It was difficult for Daniel initially, due to the uniqueness and risks involved in being innovators. However Daniel is now working on a new idea that should work for Just Druid and our new film.

Without Daniel’s effort and ideas Just Druid would not be where it is in terms of developement. It’s the innovation and the people behind Just Druid that make us a community, and we are always open to new ideas.