Just Druid has been working with Lieutenant General Riley for past 18 months on developing a proposal for a miniseries series about unbelievable courage and humanity in facing up to threat of ethnic cleanisng in the Bosnian Civil War - Very few people know about this story because it ended happily and never made the front pages !

N.B. With a Series Bible now finalised, Just Druid are now teaming up with an experienced producer to drive forward this £ multi-million project

The Mining Disaster

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In 1894, the villages of the South Wales Valleys were at the epicentre of the boom in British Mining - The valleys were rich in steam coal, much sought after by the British Navy to protect the trading routes of the British Empire. The pits were at the cutting edge of modern technology with vast fortunes there to be made.

Druid has teamed up with short films prize winner - Jonathon James - to develop a new take on the horrific mining disaster that befell one pit killing 290 men and boys and 123 horses - and how Mother Earth claimed its own price for giving up its plentiful bounty.

Peenemünde Raid

Von Braun in 1962

Von Braun in 1962

This is about two men from World War II - both very determined and loyal to their countries - One was Werner Von Braun the famous German-American rocket genius who helped the Americans land a rocket on the moon, the other, Arthur “Honka” Ready, one of 10 children born into poverty, who was a talented boxer and had joined the RAF in 1939 and trained as a heavy bomber air-gunner.

Our film focuses on the period of how their paths crossed in 1941, when the RAF was sent to bomb the Nazis’ secret rocket work at Peenemunde and the aftermath of the raid.

SGT A W ‘honka’ Ready Air gunner, RAF 1940

SGT A W ‘honka’ Ready Air gunner, RAF 1940

Dementia theatre Project

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Druid’s lead creative writer, Dan Ready is working with the University of West London’s London School of Music to develop a play that will help raise the profile of an incredible project the school are doing on the correlation between classical music and the cruel illness of dementia

Rearguard at Dunkirk

Everyone knows the story of how the British Army was saved from the beaches at Dunkirk.

soldiers rearguard.jpg

But what is not commonly known is the efforts of the regiments that were ordered to stay behind and hold up the German advance so that the majority could escape. Their story is absolutely harrowing as they faced total destruction from the overwhelming might of the Luftwaffe bombers…in particular the story of one fusilier who survived the bombing. His story is both remarkable and tragic. He subsequently fought with the local resistance but was eventually betrayed and executed

We have only recently found his grave

Mystery of St Germain


This restaurant is one of the oldest in Paris, tucked away in the back streets of St Germain. A world famous place to be seen and still serving its original menu. It only takes cash. However, most people do not know of the secret hidden in their extensive wine-cellars. A teenager was discovered hiding there in German Occupied Paris in World War II, But how does she have an american accent ?