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Just Druid is an innovative, film development company.

With over 85 years business experience in fast growth and FTSE100 companies, the founders of Just Druid have created a unique way of working - our experience tells us that a combination of successful business managers, original ideas by people with proven “insight”, working with young talented creative graduates, will deliver new and exciting original products - Its called The Just Druid Way©


We have set up a not-for-profit company where original ideas are trialled and piloted. Those ideas strong enough, are subsequently rolled out into seperate limited companies, designed to turn them into £ multi-million commercial projects for the feature film and internet industries -


We also believe in giving something back and as such in all our films - In keeping with our humanitarian approach, we also look to raise the profile of an associated good cause whose work resonates with our films, we donate a percentage from our films to the good cause

The hell of Passchendaele

The hell of Passchendaele

As we approach the 100th Anniversary of the end of WW1, our not-for-profit company is also working with schools in England and Wales, to inspire them to remember their own local heroes who made the supreme sacrifice in WW1.

Finally and as part of our approach, we always look to work with and assist talented students to help them with their career as they set off their road to success.

Michaelangelo’s quote above, is the cornerstone of our company.

Michaelangelo’s quote above, is the cornerstone of our company.

"Through our unique way of working, our aim is to be one of the world’s leading ideas companies generating…